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    Shot In The Head

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    Weekend Nachos


You’re on stage, you’re having fun.

You’ve got fans, you think you’ve won.

I’m not jealous, I’m fucking disgusted.

Your attitude cannot be trusted.

17 years old and on top of the world.

A loser one minute, next you’re shitting gold.

You’re a product of the message board hype machine.

You’re a flavor of the week in a retarded scene.

Shoot you in the head at your sold out show.

Shoot you in the head and the scene will know.

That you live and you breathe just like everyone else, motherfucker.

Shot in the fucking head.

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    Old Friends Don't Mean Shit

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    Weekend Nachos


"We were once brothers but life got in the way. Now I look at you and have nothing to say. Differences aside, we could have worked it all out. But apparently you’ll never understand what I’m about. You could write a bullshit, cry-baby song. Or you could say it to my fucking face. Never on my side, always full of lies. This is where it ends, fucking die. 


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